Months of the year (13 coloring pages)

Welcome to our page featuring educational coloring pages dedicated to the months of the year! Coloring is an excellent way to learn while having fun, and here you will find drawings for each month of the year (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December). It's a perfect activity for children who want to explore the seasons and special events associated with each month. Our coloring pages are free and can be customized with a short message (less than 30 characters) or a name before printing.

Free drawing Cat Tulip Dog and cat Months of the year
March Coloring: Cats, Tulip, and Spring
Free drawing Bunny Easter eggs Tulip Forest animals Months of the year
April Coloring: Bunny, Tulips, and Easter
Free drawing Children's activities Months of the year Seasons
Customizable Coloring Page of the Months of the Year
Free drawing Flowers Bird Flying birds and mammals Watering can Months of the year
May Coloring: Bird, Flowers, and Spring
Free drawing Snow Snowman Bird Snowflakes Flying birds and mammals Months of the year
January Coloring: Snowman, Bird, and Stars
Free drawing Gifts Christmas tree Christmas bauble Months of the year
December Coloring: Tree, Christmas, and Stars
Free drawing Heart Mug Coffee Drinks Cupcake Months of the year
February Coloring: Coffee, Cupcake, and Hearts
Free drawing Butterfly Basket Fruits Strawberry Insects Months of the year
June Coloring: Strawberries, Basket, and Butterfly
Free drawing Bird Mug Leaves Umbrella Drinks Flying birds and mammals Months of the year
November Coloring: Umbrella, Bird, and Autumn
Free drawing Summer Owl Flying birds and mammals Pencil Schoolbag Back to School School supplies Months of the year
September Coloring: Back to School and Autumn
Free drawing Treats Ice cream Buoy Months of the year
July Coloring: Cat, Ice Cream, and Sun
Free drawing Pumpkin Autumn Leaves Boots Acorn Months of the year
October Coloring: Pumpkins, Leaves, and Rain Boots
Free drawing Summer Ladybug Fruits Insects Apple Months of the year
August Coloring: Sun, Apples, and Ladybugs