Wolf (19 coloring pages)

A wolf is a wild animal that lives in a group called a pack. It is recognizable by its gray or black fur, its long tail and its large pointed ears. Wolves are predators and they hunt for food. They can be found in the forests and mountains of the northern hemisphere. Wolves can also howl at the moon.<br> Wolves are often depicted in tales and stories as evil animals that attack the main characters. However, it's important to remember that in real life, wolves are wild animals that only want to survive and feed their pack. Here is our selection of coloring pages of cute wolves and scarier werewolves:


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Free drawing Wolf Flowers Mandala Dog Fox Animal Dog and cat Forest animals
Coloring mandala fox, dog, wolf
Free drawing Wolf Calm and zen Mandala Animal Forest animals
Wolf head coloring page
Free drawing Wolf Fox Mug Drinks Complex coloring pages Zentangle Forest animals
Wolf or Fox in a Cup - Zentangle-inspired Patterns
Free drawing Wolf Cute Kawaii Easy coloring pages Forest animals Sign
Coloring Page: Kawaii Wolf with Customizable Sign
Free drawing Wolf Mandala Fox Forest animals
Mandala wolf or fox to colour
Free drawing Wolf Cute Kawaii Easy coloring pages Forest animals School desk
Kawaii Wolf Coloring Page
Free drawing Wolf Cute Kawaii Animal Forest animals
Coloring Page Wolf Cub in a Jeans Pocket
Free drawing Wolf Fairy tale Forest animals Little Red Riding Hood
Coloring Little Red Riding Hood and the Cute Wolf
Free drawing Vampire Ghost Monster Mummy Witch Wolf Halloween Forest animals Frankenstein
Spooky Monsters Coloring page
Free drawing Monster Wolf Halloween Jack O'Lantern Forest animals Scary
Full Moon Werewolves Coloring Page
Free drawing Wolf Fox Zentangle Forest animals
Zentangle Wolf Coloring Page: Howling at the Moon
Free drawing Wolf Animal Fairy tale Grumpy Forest animals
Free Angry Wolf Coloring Page
Free drawing Wolf Animal Moon Forest animals
Werewolf Coloring Page at Full Moon
Free drawing Wolf Flowers Mandala Fox Animal Complex coloring pages Forest animals
Coloring wolf fox in Mandala Zentangle
Free drawing Wolf Coloring by numbers Children's activities Forest animals
Coloring by number wolf and full moon
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